Rob and Max's epic 5.5 hour game played over 2 days.

Rob and Max's epic 5.5 hour game played over 2 days.

There are only a couple games left in the 2010 Rotten Battle Axe Tournament.  Brent has officially claimed the Bronze in the novice bracket and Peter took the Bronze in the advanced bracket.

This Thursday we should see a Championship game between Pippin and myself.  As soon as Bryan gets back from Africa, we’ll have him and Jeff M play to decide the novice bracket.

Here are the rules for this year’s RBA Tournament:

  1. Same game rules as ladder games – 19×19, 6.5 komi, nigiri, recorded, no time limit.
  2. We’ll use a 2 double elimination brackets – one for the top half of the ladder and one for the bottom half. This implies we’ll have a novice and advanced tournament running concurrently, with two winners in the end.
  3. Games can be arranged to be played outside of club, but must be recorded.  If one of the two players misses the regular club meeting when their game is scheduled, they have until the start of the next week to arrange and play the game.  If they haven’t played the game by the next meeting, the player that missed the first meeting will forfeit.  If both players missed and don’t complete the game within a week, the lower seeded player will forfeit.
  4. Entrance fee is 1 prize – ie, some home brew, a plate of brownies, Go book, or something similar.  Your prize/fee should be something you’d like to win in the $10 – $15 range.  If you are planning on ordering Go gear or books for your entry fee, let Pippin know ASAP.
  5. Prizes will be awarded as follows: top player in the advanced bracket picks a prize from the entrance fees, then top player in the novice bracket picks, 2nd place in the advanced bracket, 2nd place in the novice bracket, and so on. So really #2 is incorrect, we’ll have many winners, not just two.
  6. The brackets are seeded using the club ladder.  The official 2010 RBA initial brackets are below.

Round 1 results:

Game 1 of the 2010 RBA

Game 1 of the 2010 RBA

Jeff E vs Minott - Jeff E + R
Peter vs Pippin - Peter + 36.5
Max vs Rob - Max + 170.5

Round 2 results:

Jeff M vs Devlin – Jeff M + 24.5
Peter vs Ryszard – Peter + 10.5
Bryan vs Max – Bryan+ 219.5
Rick vs Minott – Minott + 44.5

Round 3 results:

Minott vs Ryszard – Minott + 17.5
Peter vs Jeff E – Jeff E + 91.5
Bryan vs Brent – Bryan + 21.5

Round 4 results:

Pippin vs Minott – Pippin + R
Bryan vs Jeff M – Bryan + R
Brent vs Max – Brent + R

Bronze Medal Game

Pippin vs Peter – Pippin + R
Jeff M vs Brent – Jeff M + R

Novice Bracket

Novice Bracket

Advanced Bracket

Advanced Bracket


  • Jeroen says:

    I had a few questions:
    - how do we ‘submit’ our entrance fee?
    - for matches played outside club meetings, does ‘recorded’ mean all moves written down?
    - how should players set up a game if they cannot make it to club meetings?

  • BOZEMANpw says:

    Jeroen, The entrance fee if non-perishable can passed to another player who attends club or if perishable should be arranged to be presented at the final match night so prizes can be distributed.

    To record a game all move can be written down or the game can be played online and the sgf saved. The games will be posted for review and comments.

    To set up a game with your bracket partner (Rob Kollmar in your case) just find their email in the weekly emails and arrange a time that you both can play. As these games have no time limits it is best if you pick a spot where you know you will have enough time to finish the game (1-2 hours). Then send an email to the clubs gmail account with the results.

  • Ryszard’s review of the RBA game between Peter and yours truly:


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